We’re the experts in sourcing and securing high growth, positive cash-flow residential properties Australia wide.

At Atlas Property Group, we set you on the path to financial freedom through helping to build your investment property portfolio. As an exclusive Buyer's Agency, we work exclusively for you, the buyer, along your property ownership journey as part of your long-term wealth creation strategy.

The Atlas Difference

Personalised and people-focused

There are more than 75,000 sales agents in Australia, often skewing negotiation power. By comparison, there are less than 1,000 Australian buyers’ agents representing buyers. We’re going to change that.

Built on expertise and experience

Our Director Lachlan Vidler lives and breathes property and also has a sharp business acumen, with a Bachelor of Business & a Master of Commerce (Finance). Atlas Property Group began by consulting to friends and family and while we have expanded, we retain the same familial care for all our clients.

We get highly invested

We throw ourselves into our work and build great relationships. When you work with us, we want you to feel you can call us at any time. We’re not satisfied until you are, so a job isn’t complete until you get what you want.

Limitless ambition

Our company is driven by ambition and passion. We’re not limited by location or your knowledge level. We’re here to help people from all walks of life, Australia wide.

A belief in quality and our service

We believe our service should be utilised for all investors and busy or inexperienced owner-occupiers. The concept is relatively new in Australia, but in the US 86% of property transactions use a buyer’s agent. We believe in this system and want more Aussies to benefit from it.


Why you need a buyer’s agent

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Save time
and money
It seems everyone needs more of both, and we can help with that. By investing in our experience, clients often benefit from savings in time, money and greater peace of mind.
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Learn from the
We put our money where our mouth is. As experienced investors ourselves, we know what it takes to build real wealth through the acquisition of property.
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Tap into
our network
Access our contacts and properties. Many of the purchases we facilitate are off-market opportunities that the average investor cannot access.
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The luxury of a stress-free purchase should not be underestimated. We take your uncertainty and frustration out of this process, replacing it with our expertise and enthusiasm ensuring a smooth and enjoyable process when purchasing your property.

What others are saying:

“Before engaging Lachlan, I didn’t understand how property investment could lead to long term wealth creation. My knowledge and understanding of investing through property has now grown substantially and I’m excited to work with Atlas Property Group into the future.”
“Lachlan's deep property investment knowledge base is exceptional. He was able to analyse my potential investments and break them down into simple explanations. I would highly recommend Lachlan and the Atlas Property Group team to friends and family based on their customer service and the value they add to purchasing an investment.”
“Lachlan’s knowledge of the property buying process is second to none. His succinct explanations and advice were crucial to my understanding of the process and knowing which questions to ask throughout. I would recommend him and his services to anybody! “