Smart Property Investment Show: 5 steps to achieve your new year property goals

2021 was a phenomenal year for the property market, but some say “good times don’t last forever”. This expert says using military strategies can help you prepare for whatever 2022 may bring you.

Smart Property Investment’s Phil Tarrant sits down with Lachlan Vidler, owner of Atlas Property Group and author of the book Military Guide to Property Investment, to talk about five key points to achieve your new year property goals.

Phil and Lachlan discuss the hottest trends and developments that are making noise and share their insights on how investors can get to the meat of the matter by focusing their attention on the data points that are the biggest game changers in the market. They also touch on the future trends of interest rates, property prices, supply and demand, and policies.

Lachlan also shares how common mistakes in investing can be avoided using solutions that are easily within reach.

The duo talks about integrity as the foundation for nurturing relationships with clients and your network, the need to continuously professionalise the investment property sector, and the simple yet powerful secret to help you pivot and level up your property investment game.

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