Bushy Martin: Lachlan Vidler On A Military Approach To Investing

The core qualities and approaches developed and adopted by the military Navy Seals and the military generally are foundational and applicable to success in any and all walks of life, particularly property investment.

But what are the key qualities that are finely honed in the military that can contribute to your investment success?

This is where today’s guest, Lachlan Vidler comes in. Lachlan is the director of Atlas Property Group and co-author of the recently released book A Military Guide to Property Investing. In the book Lachlan adapts the key qualities and approaches developed during his years of military training and service in the forces, to the world of property investing which has helped him amass a sizeable portfolio.

Lachlan started his career as an Officer in the Royal Australian Navy, receiving numerous awards for leadership, innovation, and teamwork throughout his military career. Lachlan then pivoted to private enterprise as a management consultant, working for global powerhouses Deloitte and Accenture. As an avid investor himself, Lachlan has invested across a number of asset classes. Focusing his efforts largely on property, Lachlan believes the strategic purchase of properties is the most effective wealth creation tool that is accessible to everyday Australians.

So, what are the key military qualities that have contributed to their property investment success and are critical to your success in property investing and any of your life endeavours? This is covered in Lachlan’s book and discussed through our interview.

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