Why You Need to Be Wary of Confirmation Bias

Even the smartest of people can make silly investment decisions against all conventional wisdom – sometimes when it’s based on emotion. Let’s learn about confirmation bias.

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Ways to Improve Equity & Cash Flow in an Investment Property

Find out ways you can improve the equity & cash flow of an investment property.

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How to Create the Mindset of an Investor

Learn the 6 steps to create the mindset of an investor.

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New vs Established Properties

Let’s take a deep dive into the pros and cons of purchasing new and existing property and let you in on a secret regarding which type will provide you with the most superior investment.

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How Teamwork Will Help You Succeed in the Property Game

Find out why teamwork is so important to your overall success in the property game.

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How to Become a Wise Property Investor

Learn the tips and tricks to become a wise property investor and blast your competition out of the water.

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What is a Buyer’s Agent and why should I think about using one?

Take a deep dive into what a buyer’s agent is and how a buyer’s agent can help you on your property investment journey.

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Welcome to the Atlas Property Group Blog

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Atlas Property Group Blog. The team at Atlas Property Group is extremely excited to use this platform to provide education, market updates and discussions on all thing’s property!

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