Smart Property Investment Show: Finding a bargain in a booming market

In this episode of The Smart Property Investment Show, Atlas Property Group director Lachlan Vidler chats to host Phil Tarrant about how investors can find a bargain in a soaring market. Lachlan breaks down the importance of being flexible when setting goals and objectives in a rising market in order to achieve long-term objectives. The pair chat about Lachlan’s time served in the Royal Australian Navy and how it has provided him a unique skill set that he applies to his business as an exclusive Buyer’s Agent and his own property investing journey.

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Property Showcase: Why education is key in property investing

Tune in to the latest episode of Property Showcase, the podcast with the inside track on the products and businesses that will help turbocharge your portfolio, maximise returns and make your overall investment experience seamless and stress-free!

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Property Investory: How Serving in the Military set Lachlan Vidler up for Success in Property Investing

Lachlan Vidler is the director of Atlas Property Group and is an active investor. After completing his business degree he joined the Royal Australian Navy, serving for six years. During this time he also completed his masters in finance and decided to delve into management consulting, working with some huge global names. It was this switch in professions that ultimately led Vidler to see investing as a full-time job.

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Property Investory: How a $50,000 Property Investment can Grow to Over $2M, with Lachlan Vidler

When Lachlan Vidler made the switch to management consulting, Vidler’s immersion in the business world made him even more inclined to build up his property portfolio, where he currently holds four properties and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

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Ticker TV: Lachlan Vidler Discusses How Atlas Property Group Helps Property Investors

Lachlan Vidler, Director of Atlas Property Group joined TickerTV live to discuss how Atlas Property Group can help Property Investors as well as current mark trends.

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