A Military Guide to Property Investing by Lachlan Vidler and Tori Colls

by Lachlan Vidler and Tori Colls



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A 10-step guide to achieving financial freedom through property investing.

Property investing has long been recognised as one of the most successful long-term wealth creation strategies. With interest rates at all-time lows, it looks set to continue to be so.

There are so many approaches to property investing, it’s no wonder people struggle to understand the fundamentals that drive success in property. This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide aims to educate everyday Australians on how they can begin their own property investment journey with ruthless military precision and efficiency.

Written by two former military professionals, Lachlan Vidler and Tori Colls, A Military Guide to Property Investing presents the 10-step method they followed to amass an impressive portfolio of properties while still in their twenties.

Their approach follows a 10-step plan, that draws on their military experience:
Step 1: Reveille – This is your wake up call to getting started
Step 2: Discipline – Investing can be difficult, discipline and mindset are vital
Step 3: Teamwork – You can’t do it alone, you’ll need professional support
Step 4: Professional Mastery – Mastering the basics of property investing
Step 5: Excellence – Strategies and factors that influence the property market
Step 6: Mission Analysis – Property research, appraisal and the acquisition process
Step 7: Courage – Be brave enough to take action to achieve your goals
Step 8: Flexibility & Adaptability – There will be setbacks and change to manage
Step 9: Dedication – Continuing after your first investment
Step 10: Loyalty – To yourself, your plans and your investing team
Final Thoughts: Taking Leave – A passive income from property investing will give you choice.

Based on the military principles of strategy, discipline and execution, A Military Guide to Property Investing offers a fail-safe plan for everyday Aussies to take control of their financial destiny.

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