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As buyer’s agents, we are licensed real estate professionals who exclusively represent the interests of buyers. From creating a property investment strategy through to acquisition, or negotiation only, we’re your partner in purchasing property.

How we can help you

We’ll save you time, which we understand is precious
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As a home buyer or investor, supply us with your brief and we’ll conduct research and qualify properties through our wide network of trusted partners.
Tap into our knowledge of high capital growth areas and high rental yield suburbs
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We search on a national scale to ensure the best return on your investment. With our understanding of your property journey, we can target the right mix of growth and yield.
Access our data
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We know and understand how to translate macro and micro data. We then go to negotiation armed with accurate valuation and suburb data so you don’t overpay.
Our passion is kicking your goals
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Looking to negatively gear a property by balancing purchase price and repayments with rental yield? Or, need to secure a regional lower value, higher rental return property so as to positively gear your portfolio? Our approach is tailored to your situation.
Create a scalable portfolio
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We’re not here to ‘get rich quick’. We’ll position your investment purchase so that you’re able to acquire further investments to build long-term wealth.
Generate passive income
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Long-term investor clients enjoy passive income from combined investment properties. We’ll form a strategy that provides financial freedom into the future

Buyers we work with

We’ll find you the most suitable property and negotiate on your behalf to secure it for you at the right price. Whether you’re ready to invest in property, looking for ‘the one’ to call home, or want to strengthen your existing portfolio, even from abroad, our specialist team is here to help.
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Investing in property
We identify areas of capital growth and high rental yields on a national scale. We’re strategic in our approach, and we’ll help you build a scalable portfolio to create long-term wealth and generate passive income.
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Buying your home
We don’t say ‘we’ll take the emotion out of the process’ of buying your home. Rather, we appreciate that you’re making the biggest financial decision you might ever make, and we know how much it means to include us in that process.
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Buying from overseas
Buying property sight-unseen can feel impossibly daunting. We remove all uncertainty in this process by enabling you to make a locally informed purchase.

Our Services

Full Service

See below for a breakdown of our most commonly used service, our Full-Service offering.
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An Atlas is a collection of maps, to us a representation of all of our places in the world, where we’ve come from and what our goals are. During the Atlas Strategy Session, we’ll map your path to financial freedom. In this session, we get to know you, your goals, and your budget.
Now that we understand your goals, we take the first steps toward achieving them. Equipped with your brief, we undertake a nation-wide search for your investment property (or area-specific, if you’re a home buyer).
By then, with a shortlist of properties, we assess them through our rigorous evaluation process, conducting due diligence to ensure quality of investment. We’ll then present our findings to you.
Once you’ve decided to acquire one of the properties we have presented, we will negotiate to secure it for you. Congratulations, it’s yours! We’ll also provide access to our trusted partners to see you through the settlement period.
We don’t believe that our service stops upon acquisition. We reach out to let you know that you are still part of our Atlas family and to hear about how your property is going. Once you’re ready to acquire the next addition to your property portfolio, we can assess your position and remap your path to financial freedom by planning your next purchase.
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Negotiation Only

Our Negotiation Only service assists those who are time poor or need the help of an expert closing the deal. In the Negotiation Only service, by the time you come to us, you’ll have found the property you want to secure. After you brief us on a property, we seek your instructions and enter negotiations on your behalf.
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