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“Atlas give you a leg up on the competition”

Damian & Theresa

“We always knew we were in good hands”


“Working with Atlas is so easy and simple”


“Atlas made me feel very comfortable”


“The experience is worth its weight in gold”


“Lachlan and his team are all very personable”

Ken and Bec

“We were extremely impressed from start to finish”


“It was seamless working with Atlas”

Adrian and Livia

“We found the process extremely effortless”


“From the very start, Lachlan was super friendly”


“Atlas always provides expert advice in a timely manner”

Mechelle and Michael

“Lachlan and his team treated us like family”


“You have a group that is reliable and approachable”


“Working with Atlas and Lachlan was amazing”

Josh and Jess

“We learnt a lot from Lachlan and the team”

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Mitchell Brereton
Mitchell Brereton
May 21, 2024
I came across Atlas Property Group in the early stages of thinking about buying an investment group. I had little knowledge of what I was doing. After the initial meeting with Lachlan I felt like he really cares about writing a proper 25+ year portfolio plan and also selecting the correct assets. Lachlan and his team have exceptional Market knowledge, this is evident in the extremely detailed Area reports that are sent out prior to asset selection. Once we established the areas we were looking to invest in, the team left no stone unturned when presenting me with a potential property. From information like current rental appraisal, how long current tenant had lived there, days on market, vacancy rates etc. I feel very comfortable knowing that they had done all this research. Lachlan and Chanelle help to secure my first investment and I really appreciated how quickly Chanelle would respond to my emails/calls. I cant wait to work with Atlas on the next Investment.
May 13, 2024
Lachlan and the Atlas property group were great to deal with from start to finishing making very thing easy.
May 6, 2024
The Atlas team made the purchasing process as simple as possible. Their research made selecting a property easy, and they negotiated on my behalf to buy the property well below asking price.
March 13, 2024
I recently worked with Lachlan and his team at Atlas Property Group for an investment purchase. I am extremely satisfied with their services. Their investment analysis was spot on, and their communication was excellent throughout the entire process. They demonstrated exceptional negotiation skills and saved me a considerable amount of time by handling all aspects of the transaction. Their property knowledge and experience were evident and greatly contributed to the success of the investment. I would highly recommend Atlas Property Group to anyone looking for a reliable, knowledgeable and efficient partner for their property investment needs.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith
March 12, 2024
My recent experience with the Atlas Property Group for my first investment property purchase was outstanding. They showcased unparalleled market knowledge, providing detailed reports, valuable insights, and reliable data. The team's informed advice was crucial in making well-informed decisions. Communication with Atlas was not only effective but also pleasant. The team was friendly, offering regular updates and clear explanations of each step. They maintained an open line of communication, always available to address questions, fostering a trusting and collaborative relationship. Atlas's dedication to understanding my investment goals, needs, preferences, and budget was impressive. They crafted a personalized plan that aligned perfectly with my objectives, making me feel like a valued partner. The Atlas Property Group ensured a seamless process from start to finish. They expertly scheduled and managed essential appointments, including the building and pest inspection, and introduced me to reputable property management services. Their network of professionals provided a comprehensive and well-rounded experience. In conclusion, Atlas Property Group exceeded my expectations, combining exceptional market knowledge, effective communication, personalized service, and a seamlessly managed process. I highly recommend them for anyone seeking a partner in their next investment.
Natalie Cotter
Natalie Cotter
March 11, 2024
I have recently worked with Lachlan and his team at Atlas Property Group to develop an investment property strategy and purchase of my first investment property. Lachlan and the team have surpassed all my expectations and I have been overwhelming satisfied with their service. Initially they took the time to understand my long-term goals and what I was looking for, which helped inform the strategy moving forward. I was incredibly impressed by their extensive market knowledge and analysis, with their insights and advice assisting me in making well-formed decisions throughout the entire process. They also have strong connections throughout the industry to assist you in the process from lawyers to property managers making the process hassle-free and seamless. The team have a great comprehensive and streamlined process, which helps drive the process at a fast pace all whilst being highly informed of each step and what is required. They were always transparent in their communications and would regularly check in throughout the process. Which gave me confidence that they were they were acting in my best interest. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Atlas Property Group and I would highly recommend to anyone looking to build a property portfolio to engage with Atlas Property Group.
Brodie Jones
Brodie Jones
March 6, 2024
Very happy with my experience with Lachlan and the team at Atlas. Look forward to dealing with them again in the future.
February 29, 2024
Atlas Property Group is a one stop shop for home buyers. As immigrants and first time home buyers, we had no familiarity with the process of acquiring a home, Lachlan and the team were essential for our success. From finding the perfect home to suit our budget to organising inspections and referring a local property manager… the whole process, although very intense and fast paced, has been perfectly smooth! We look forward to build our property portfolio with Atlas!
Barry Hayes
Barry Hayes
January 8, 2024
Working with the team at Atlas Property Group was a game-changer for my investment journey. Their clear communication, and excellent negotiation skills made me extremely confident in their processes. If you’re looking for a fantastic Buyer’s Agency, they are the ones to choose. Thank you Lachlan and the Atlas Property Group team!

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